Skeiny was the brainchild of Daniel Foster who had a vision to found a company that would impact projects positively and where staff would feel empowered to make their mark using their individual talents. After all organisations and companies are a product of each of our individual efforts. The word Skein is not commonly used however has two dictionary definitions that fit with the Skeiny ethos.

A skein is a flock of birds that fly in formation together, we see this as key to successful project delivery, having project teams work cohesively. All project team members are valuable whether they are the leader today or part of the team enjoying the lift from the leader.

Secondly a skein is a loosely coiled length of yarn or thread. This speaks to our teams when they are working complex project issues; unpicking the problem, chasing leads and making something from what could be a mess.

Both definitions are intended to align with our core ethos which is passion about projects.