About Us

About Skeiny

Skeiny is a project management company that is passionate about project performance. We love making projects run smoothly by using tried and tested techniques as well as new agile, big data and fun approaches to getting things done. We are born from a partnership between Paula and Daniel Foster who are both project management professionals that share a passion for project delivery.

Skeiny has now grown to include consultants both junior and senior that we deploy on projects. Our team has been growing lately as we expand our range of sectors that we service.

Skeiny people have worked in a number of small and large organisations performing corporate change, new build implementations and project delivery. We blend new thinking into the age old art of project management. We do things a little differently to other consultancies and value our client interactions.

You can most often find us at a coffee shop talking projects, working late on a tight deliverable or helping each other achieve excellent results for our clients. If this approach sounds like it would help your company then contact us through the website. We would love to take on your challenge.

Daniel Foster

Managing Principal Partner

Daniel is a Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD) that has been running projects successfully for the last 10yrs+. He has worked in various industries performing a variety of project management roles. He is familiar with all of the latest frameworks for project delivery and is most loved by clients for his analytical skills.

Paula Foster

Principal Partner

Paula has extensive experience as a planning manager, project manager and trainer. She has worked on projects all over the world including Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. Clients most love her work training staff and writing processes plus her enthusiasm within the project team.

Lauran Long

Managing Consultant

Lauran as the Skeiny Victorian team lead is used to working on complex projects that require practical experience and excellent communication skills. As a manager within large Defence companies she has gained these skills and now is most valued as a Planning Manager or Project Controls Manager.

Max Harrop

Senior Consultant

Max has extensive experience working in the Defence environment specialising in Earned Value   Management Systems. This experience has extended to working as a Project Controls Manager utilising   and integrating COBRA and OPP, as well as developing and implementing processes for month end cycles, COBRA updates and integration with existing client processes.  He has also trained and coached Defence personnel and is comfortable in this role. His expertise and flexibility make him a valuable asset to any team.

Brian Long


A consultant with over 10 years experience as a Retail Director and near 4 years of Project Management experience within a Cost Schedule Analyst role.  Brian was a part of the Skeiny 2 Year Program to train and mature Consultants and is adept at working within project controls tools and is continuing to learn about project management disciplines.

The rest of our team

We also have a group of Senior and Associate Consultants that are part of our team. We particularly enjoy growing our consultants through training and mentoring.

Our consultants have a broad range of experience that allows them to support our partners on consulting assignments to small and large organisations.

A few words from our Team


Working at Skeiny…

It’s a supportive, challenging and rewarding place to work at.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

It’s an effective approach to achieve scope within budget and time.


Working at Skeiny…

I feel Skeiny has an inclusive and supportive environment that is rare when a team is spread across the country as we are.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

The collaboration and communication tools used within the organisation definitely help make that happen. Of course, the team has a big part to play in that as well.


Working at Skeiny…

Skeiny is a guild of project management specialists. People work independently on unique projects but share knowledge and experiences (and memes) in a way that other consultancies don’t.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

Project management is about getting big things done. Project controls is the engine underneath the project management hood – people might not understand how it’s all put together or how to fix it, but everyone acknowledges that it needs to work for the project to achieve its goals.


Working at Skeiny…

I have worked on many projects at Skeiny, each with their own needs and individual challenges. Overcoming these hurdles to deliver quality results for the customer gives me great satisfaction.

The support network and expertise from Skeiny workmates has been instrumental in helping to solve a diverse range of problems quickly and efficiently for clients. It’s great to be part of an expert team who are fun to work with, and like me are passionate about successful project planning & delivery.





Working at Skeiny…
Working with Skeiny is great. Their passion for project management and excellence in delivery shines through in all they do. They are a great team working in a supportive and collaborative environment.

What do you think about project management or project controls?
Project management will always be a requirement despite the method of delivery to ensure that real value is delivered. When projects embrace organisational change management we move from the installation of change to the true implementation of change.


Working at Skeiny…

Dynamic environment with great approachable leadership team.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

Role where one has to display leadership and be able to bring teams together to achieve project requirements. Rewarding when targets and goals are achieved.


Working at Skeiny…

Skeiny Projects is a family company employing people who are motivated to create, share and complement one another’s skill sets by support and capacity to reach back to resolve issues.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

I think project controls is poorly resourced and significant churn of people is a major problem! Skeiny has helped with training, support and skills acquisition to improve the Project Controllers capacity to understand and apply the necessary skillset.


Working at Skeiny…

Working at Skeiny gives me access to some of the industry’s best minds from diverse backgrounds, an excellent support structure and system in a very flat organisation. Most of all, we are a team that really supports one another and look out for each other’s success.

On my current client site we’ve become like a family, and there’s always someone at hand either in person or on our very cool Slack channel to test ideas with, albeit complex technical scenarios or just a quick ‘sanity check’.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

The technical and soft skills that I’ve learned in my years in Project Management & Controls working in various countries has become absolute essential life skills for me, and although the rigidity of the application varies drastically between planning & budgeting an overseas adventure to renovating a house, there are always multiple elements of industry practice that support my decision making.  That said, I believe that the world of Project Management & Controls, insofar as application and tools goes, will look fundamentally different in 10 years’ time with robotics, machine learning and AI. I’m excited to see what the future holds and have started investing in expanding my data analytics, innovation and management skills while staying on top of trends.


Working at Skeiny…

Working within the Skeiny team gives me direct access to project controls professionals that allows us to share our knowledge and experience. Having access to a wide range and experienced Project Controls professionals helps to build on my own professional development and allows me to better assist our clients.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

I am passionate about project controls and the importance this discipline can impact projects to result in successful execution and completion of projects.


Working at Skeiny…

I have worked for Skeiny for a number of years now and enjoy the support and camaraderie that comes with this privilege. It has been great to see the team grow over the past year and to see each new carefully chosen candidate become part of the Skeiny family. I am proud to be part of the Skeiny Team.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

I have worked in various Project Controls roles since 2006 and love the unique challenges each new project presents. I love learning new things and new ways of doing things. Working on varying projects and in various industries is a great way to do that. Projects push you to grow in knowledge and character.


Working at Skeiny…

I love working with such a smart and positive team. The work is flexible and never boring, and it is great working with different clients. There is a culture of openness and collaboration. If you need help with a work problem there is always a Skeiny person on hand to help you out.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

Project controls are key to successfully delivering a project. Without project controls we wouldn’t even know if we were on time and to budget or not! I see project management and project controls as the building blocks to successful project delivery.


Working at Skeiny…

At Skeiny, we have such a diverse team that accompany a wide range of skills and background. I love having the ability to tap into this network as/when required to gain different perspectives and views on scheduling and project management topics. Having an experienced supportive network you can tap into makes a real difference.

What do you think about project management or project controls?

Project Controls is an important function of any project or programme of work. It is a critical aspect which results in the achievement of successful project and programme outcomes i.e. delivering required benefits to cost, time and performance.