Last blog post we looked at the traditional consultant model. Now we explore different ways organisations can use consultants to assist them.

Consultant scrum : if you are not content that you can obtain the best consultants from one organisation then why should you be bound to that single organisation? A consultant scrum is where multiple consulting organisations are engaged to solve the problem. The project manager can be consultant or client and aims to source the best people for the job at the right times. Advantages are that you can really obtain the cream of the crop (you should expect this), and you can have lower overall cost as you engage as required. Be wary of overhead costs imposed by consulting organisations following traditional models.

Virtual consultant : if you are intending to upskill your own organisation then virtual consultant is for you. This model provides you direct access to a consultant via email or screenshare to give you short specific advice to help deal with the a problem. The problem is still owned by the client but the consultant acts as an experienced peer that can be called upon to review deliverables, presentations or ideas. Many minds are greater than one.

Consultant seagull: one if my favourite models is the seagull, where a consultant is used to provide governance on a project on your behalf. As this consultant is independent of the project team but skilled in project controls they can provide a true picture of the status of your project. Named after the seagull as they dive in to grab the important information and take it away to digest. Be wary that you need to have good processes in place or else the seagull/consultant spends it’s time digging through garbage and may in fact bring back garbage.

Problem sharing: if we believe our problems are unique we are wrong. The majority of clients face the same issues so don’t be afraid to share. Are you brave enough to admit it and develop joint solutions? Be wary of IP rights and of course do you want to assist your competitors?

Have you found some others that work for you? I would be delighted to discuss over a coffee, virtual or real 🙂